Online Retailer Awards

Short-list of Finalist Companies

Some great names have made it on to the short-list of Finalists for the 2021 Online Retailer Awards. In the Performance categories, names like The Very Group and ManoMano, Iceland Foods, White Stores, Travelzoo and Ellis Brigham are among the highest voted. They are names that also appear in the Online Retailer Sector categories together with Japan Centre, Sturdy by Design, Fender, Whyte & Mackay, and The Very Group. In the Performance categories, success has perhaps mirrored what the public was looking for or even clamouring for during the lockdowns, with specialist services like Croud, Threefold and Wunderkind proving they served clients well in a difficult year. 
The first year of the Online Retailer Awards proved to be very challenging. Many retailers were more concerned about survival than about entering awards. Others were so busy with the dramatic increase in online sales that they, too, had no time for entering awards. Fortunately, while the award trophies to be presented are limited in number, the calibre of entry was remarkably high and the category Winners are fully deserving of the recognition they will receive when the results are announced.. 
The winners of the following categories will be announced during an online presentation on May 14:
Design & Technology Awards
Best designed online retail site
Best online retailer marketing campaign
Best e-commerce platform
Online Retailer Sector Awards
Food and drinks
Gardening and DIY
Kitchen and home
Leisure and pastimes 
Supermarkets and department stores
Travel and transport 
Performance Awards
Best start-up online retailer (in business for up to two years by December 31, 2020)
Best mid-size online retailer (turnover from £5-£30million)
Best larger online retailer (turnover over £30million)
Online Retailer Awards Prix d’OR
This gold award is voted for by the judges from the highest scoring online retailer finalists
Most of the companies being considered for honours made multiple entries and they include:
Ellis Brigham
Iceland Foods
Japan Centre
Sturdy by Design
The Very Group
White Stores
Whyte & Mackay
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