The Online Retailer Awards focus on retailers of all sizes, operating in the UK, that are using online activities to promote themselves and drive their retailing operation forward. There are 25 categories to enter and one overall winner (Prix d’OR), which will be decided by the Judges.


Design & Technology Awards

This group of categories looks at the creative and technical sides of online retailing. Awards may go to retailers, but are more likely to be awarded to specialist suppliers:

A) Best designed online retail site
B) Best use of photography or video content
C) Most creative site (including design, writing, typeface, photography, animations, video and audio)
D) Best online retailer marketing campaign
E) Best e-commerce platform
F) Best fintech/payments app or platform for online retail

Online Retailer Sector Awards

These categories will reward the best online retailers. Of course, the judges will look at websites, but online retailing is about so much more than good looking, effective websites. The best online retailers also understand fully about supply chains and logistics, about delivery and returns, about fleet-footedness in fast changing sectors and about subjects like sustainability:

G) Apparel and footwear (except for sports and children)
H) Beauty and healthcare
I) Children (including clothes, accessories, footwear, furniture, toys and games, etc)
J) Financial services (including banking)
K) Food and drinks
L) Gardening and DIY
M) Gifts
N) Hotel, restaurant or hospitality product or service
O) Kitchen and home
P) Leisure and pastimes (including hobbies and craft but excluding sport and travel)
Q) Sport (including equipment, clothing, footwear, sports event ticketing, sports merchandise, etc)
R) Supermarkets and department stores
S) Tablets, computers, mobile phones, software & electronic games
T) Travel and transport products or services
U) Online retailers in other sectors

Performance Awards

The best online retailers understand about website design and content, e-commerce platforms, supply chains and logistics, delivery and returns, fin/tech solutions, about fleet-footedness in fast changing sectors and about subjects like sustainability. Entries for the Performance categories should provide appropriate evidence:

V) Best start-up online retailer (In business for up to two years by December 31, 2021)
W) Best smaller online retailer (Turnover up to £5million)
X) Best mid-size online retailer (Turnover from £5-£30million)
Y) Best larger online retailer (Turnover over £30million)


Online Retailer Awards Prix d’OR

This gold award is voted for by the judges from the highest scoring online retailer finalists